“The Art of Natural Perfumery “blended” with the benefits of Aromatherapy.”

An Aromablend is a Natural Perfume...


An Aromablends Is a perfectly balanced aromatic synergy blend of pure essential oils and superb extracts diluted in Jojoba oil.


Its aroma, meticulously formulated following the traditional method of Master Perfumers, it envelops you with an aura of natural beauty.

Moreover, its properties, based on the principles of aromatherapy, connect you with the emotion for which it has been created.


The Natural Perfumery enhances the “aesthetic aspect”of the essential oils, their scent, while the Aromatherapy emphasizes the “therapeutic aspect”of its own.


An Aromablend is a synergy of both: aesthetic and therapeutic values extraordinarily blended to convert it in a natural element of beauty and harmony.


My lifelong passion and my training in Natural Perfumery, as well as the knowledge of the therapeutic properties of essential oils for body and psyche, encouraged me to merge them, creating a perfect balance between them.


Why should, for example, a blend of essential oils designed to support vitality or relaxation, have to have a simple and less attractive aroma?

There is no reason why a blend of essential oils designed to support vitality and relaxation, should have a simple and less attractive aroma.


The process of creating my “Aromablends”- that is how I decided to label them -, has been very labourious, meticulous and sometimes, even complicated.

In summary, the process of its creation would be as follows:


1. Define the desired outcome
2. Make a selection of the appropriate essential oils to obtain the desired effect.
3. Choose from this selection like-minded essential oils that will blend well together well, in order
to have a pleasant and balanced aroma.
4. Experimenting and blending in various proportions.
5. Maceration of experiments (pure blend of essential oils).
6. Maceration subsequent to dilution of the blend in vegetable oil.
7. Assessment of the aroma.
8. Reformulation of changes.
9. Return to point 4 until achieving a balanced aromatic formula.
10. Finally, production in laboratory with its corresponding safety protocol and ecological certification processes.


And so, till today... a dream came true, an exciting and intense journey that I wanted to share with you.

I invite you to enjoy these amazing treasures of Nature and receive all the Love and Professionalism that resides in them.


Belsans bets on health – that is our motto, so we do not use any type of synthetic fixative such as phthalates. Phthalates are considered to be endocrine disruptors, which are highly toxic substances with harmful effects on human health.


That is why our Aromablends will last the same as the very nature of their ingredients.


The fact that our Aromablends are formulated on the basis of our knowledge of Natural Perfumery, prolongs fixing time and avoids health risks.


Always keep in mind... “If a perfume lasts considerable time, probably contains synthetics and toxic fixatives, which is dangerous!!”

“Believing in the benefits of aromatherapy is not an act of faith, but scientific evidence.”

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