Luxury Natural Perfume · 10ml


T: Juniper – Black Pepper

M: Geranium – Ylang Ylang

B: Oakmoss – Patchouli –

“welcomes and comforts you”

Calm is core, serenity, acceptance…

A deep and warm aroma of wet soil with floral notes that helps you stay centered and grounded, reduces your fears and helps you find comfort and clarity when you need it most.

This blend contains Juniper known to be energizing, Geranium, which helps you overcome tension in your body and alleviates anxiety, Oak Moss, connects you to Mother Earth, and Vetiver, aligns your physical and emotional self, releases anxiety and centers emotions.

CALM invites you to relax, to reconnect with that feeling of “being at peace and restore your faith in LIFE” … apply, massage, inspire and …


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