D I S C O V E R Y · S E T

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Discover the Belsans experience with this set of mini-sizes where you can get to know our four perfumes.

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BLISS · 1ml
makes you happy and joyful…
It’s like a blooming garden that embraces you with its exquisite powdery and floral aroma.

beautifies and gives your presence…
Confidence gives you presence, beauty, empowerment… Its deep and intense aroma of Chypre floral it involves you in an aura of sophistication thanks to its exotic flower notes.

energizes and revitalizes you…
Vitality is life, action, dynamism …Its fresh, spicy citrus aroma revitalizes and brings that extra energy and freshness that encourages you to go on..

CALM · 1ml
welcomes and comforts you
Calm is serenity… A deep and warm aroma of wet soil with floral notes in its heart that helps you find comfort and clarity.

How to use

Apply with a light massage on the pulses to facilitate absorption and help spread the aroma.


Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Wait for it to absorb the product when it is close to delicate items.