How is an Aromablend produced?

My lifelong passion and my training in Natural Perfumery, as well as the knowledge of the therapeutic properties of essential oils for body and psyche, encouraged me to merge them, creating a perfect balance between them.

There is no reason why a blend of essential oils designed to support vitality and relaxation, should have a simple and less attractive aroma.

The process of creating my “Aromablends”- that is how I decided to label them -, has been very labourious, meticulous and sometimes, even complicated.

In summary, the process of its creation would be as follows:

1. Define the desired outcome
2. Make a selection of the appropriate essential oils to obtain the desired effect.
3. Choose from this selection like-minded essential oils that will blend well together well, in order to have a pleasant and balanced aroma.
4. Experimenting and blending in various proportions.
5. Maceration of experiments (pure blend of essential oils).
6. Maceration subsequent to dilution of the blend in vegetable oil.
7. Assessment of the aroma.
8. Reformulation of changes.
9. Return to point 4 until achieving a balanced aromatic formula.
10. Finally, production in laboratory with its corresponding safety protocol and ecological certification processes.